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Updated 3-25-2020 @7:00 PM



While students are returning to the classroom, many have simply switched a to a hybrid model that utilizes in person and online learning. They still may need additional support throughout this transition. 

Links to several resources that can help are listed below. More will be added as they become available. Please contact us with valuable resources and we will do our best to share.


Grammar Check

Word Count/Grammar Check



NEW! Distance Learning Resources

 90+ FREE Distance Learning Courses from Harvard & Other Top Colleges

Preparing for Distance Learning

How to Support your Child

Make Distance Learning Work


Sample Daily Schedule

Virtual Field Trips

Virtual Tours Through Nature

Virtual Museum Tours

Fun Home Learning Ideas

Educational Resource List

Free Access to Videoconferencing

School District Recommended




Taking care of yourself is the first step to taking care of your loved ones. In this time of crisis it is essential that we all be kind to ourselves. We may be juggling extra responsibilities or finding ourselves in isolation, but we can't deny that it will take some time to get used to our new normal. 

Below you will find links to resources that may help. You don't have to weather this storm alone.

NEW! Columbia University's: Coding Helps Kids Cope with Stress

NEW! How to Talk to Kids About Cancer

NEW! The Relationship between Mental Health and COVID-19

Parenting Tips Re: COVID-19

Cerebral Palsy Help for Parents and Caregivers

Healthy YOU Tips from Brené Brown

Protecting Yourself

Parent/Caregiver Guide

Tips for Supporting a Child's Well-being

Resources for Teaching Kids About Emotional Regulation and Meditation


Professional Tips

Surviving the

Work-at-home Period of Flattening the Curve

It is difficult enough to get all of our work done while we are in the office, let alone deal with the new roles that may come with the shelter in place order you may be experiencing.
You are not alone. We are in this fight together. Even though we are being asked to isolate to flatten the curve of this rampant virus, we need to come together as humans to be effective in this overwhelming task. Our lives, for this moment and forever, have changed.
Erin Fitzpatrick shares seven tips on maintaining self care while taking on the added responsibilities of the current demands.
Taking Care of Your Mental Health in the Face of Adversity
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