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Finding Strengths strives to create positive change in individuals and organizations through coaching, training, and strategic planning. 


Helping People Be Their Best Selves Since 1996

From 1996 until the present day, Finding Strengths has been working tirelessly to help individuals reach their academic and personal goals, as well as consulting with organizations to provide workshops and programs to enhance their human capital.​

Finding Strengths grew from the need of friends and neighbors into the international company it is today. Jeanie Hartranft’s sister first recommended her services to her neighbors: one a student with special needs who needed a patient and resourceful tutor, and the other the son of Vietnamese speaking parents who needed help with English.


After more than 20 years in business, Finding Strengths now serves students, professionals, and organizations across the United States and in Japan, Taiwan, and Thailand. The use of advanced technology and a willingness to travel have helped Finding Strengths grow.

Today Finding Strengths has served over 700 clients and is constantly developing dynamic curriculum and content based on the needs of its clients and backed by the latest research.


We are passionate about unlocking the strengths of those we meet in order to build a better today and tomorrow.

Our Heritage

Our Team

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Anti-Racism Statement

At Finding Strengths we have always taught others to first look within before making judgements.

We model and encourage humility and vulnerability while in the midst of change.


We know this is arduous and sometimes scary work.


These times are painful in so many ways— the profoundness of which is not lost with us at Finding Strengths. During this difficult time of awakening when many people are recognizing the depths of racial inequities in our world, especially in the United States, Finding Strengths makes a conscious and intentional pledge and commitment to denounce racism in any form, toward any group of people or persons. We not only take an anti-racism position as a company, but commit to continuing the fight against systemic and institutional racism, and support People of Color in the fight to gain racial equality. Finding Strengths understands that this has been a historical struggle which began during the time of slavery and has continued to this day.


As we continue to work with all of our clients, we will encourage every one of them to identify their own strengths and biases. Finding Strengths has made monetary contributions to organizations fighting for racial equality and will donate our time to assist students of color in their pursuit of higher education.


To the Black community:

We hear you.

We see you.

We stand with you.

We will do better.


Anti-Racism Statement
Our Team

Leadership Development Expert, Academic Coach and Gallup Trained Strengths Coach


Organizational Psychologist, Licensed Clinical Social Worker


Change Agent

Success Coach

Registered Nurse

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