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Finding Strengths

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-Amber Rivette

"I think this business, Finding Strengths, is really helpful for this generation. It's really important for people with so many upcoming businesses and start up companies to understand how to work as a team.

I have learned so much about myself knowing what my strengths are. When I first took the StrengthsFinder assessment I was actually really surprised at the results and how it pertains to me... it's a part of me that doesn't come out very often that needed to in the workplace.

Once Jeanie helped me to realize what my strengths are and how they could work with others, I started looking at people more on a strength-based approach--Realizing that everyone has something to offer, and that not all of us can be the same.

Jeanie has some great teamwork techniques that are very hands-on and groundbreaking. She has a perception of him seeing how people work, their assets, and tailoring each activity to the group as it fits them.

I would work with this company again in a heartbeat!"

“I want to acknowledge how grateful I am for you tutoring my son throughout his difficult high school years. He is applying for scholarships for UTI trade school and he is supposed to write an essay. I asked him if he knows how to write an essay and he said, 'Yes, Jeanie taught me.' Your work and passions make a difference. Thank you for making a difference in Sean's life."

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-Mother of a former special needs client

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"Ms. Jeanie Hartranft with Finding Strengths is amazing! My son has fairly significant learning disabilities, and he struggles so much, but with Jeanie's guidance he's been learning for the first time in 8 years! He's done a research paper, and he's really actually understanding math for the first time. He still struggles, but she has helped him every step of the way, and I actually think he can go on to public high school and even college now, when before her help, I wasn't sure that was possible. We owe everything to Ms. Jeanie Hartranft and Finding Strengths!"

-J. Cunningham

I am not someone who normally uses coaching services or inventories, but I am SO glad that I took the time to use the Strengths Finder inventory and meet with Jeanie. I am in the middle of switching careers, and although I am generally a pretty insightful person, the inventory revealed things that I did not know about myself and helped me to feel more confident that I will be able to succeed in my new career. Jeanie helped me to understand my strengths and my weak points in a way that helped me to feel free, rather than limited, by the awareness of both my strengths and the areas I am not as strong in. In addition, my husband took the inventory and Jeanie sat down with us and helped us to understand how we can play to our strengths in our marriage. She took one look at our strength summaries and explained dynamics we have been dealing with for six years of marriage! I feel so lucky to have had this opportunity to work with Jeanie. I understand myself better and feel more free and confident, both about myself and in my marriage. The experience was life-changing. Thank you Jeanie!

Female Student

-E. Fitzpatrick

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